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Fractal Theory of Urban Growth

Interested in fractal theory, instruction, research and developing alternative ideas in urban planning theory and methodology – you are welcome to contact the principal.


Concepts in urban geography and fractal theory

  • Heterogeneity of spatial distributions
  • The centre-periphery pattern and self-similarity
  • Spatial gradients : fractal and non fractal scaling exponents
  • Scaling and geographical scales
  • Fractal aspects of urban growth

Some applications of fractals to urban questions

  • Description of urban morphologies
  • Simulation of urban spatial dynamics

An empirical example : a fractal analysis of the urban pattern of Basle

  • Method of analysis
  • Correlation analysis
  • Step by step dilation and extraction of information about each dilated image
  • Evolution of the border of the urban area
  • Correlation analysis applied to the border
  • Evolution of the length of the urban border through the dilations
  • Evolution of the built-up structure of the urban area
  • Correlation analysis of the built-up surface of the area
  • Evolution of the number of clusters of built-up pixels through the dilations
  • Concluding remarks

Discussion : what are fractals useful for ?

Fractal Theory of Urban Growth


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